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Black Combe AM - 13km (8m)/1000m (3281ft) Sat 12th March 2016 You've got to love racing! It's not only one of the few times I'm allowed out with a responsible adult present, but often it's the banter and surprises that make the day unforgettable. Responsible adult duties were taken on by Mr Tinman, who it was revealed does lots of very grown-up stuff and is often called upon as double act to high profile politicians; not sure if he's Ant or Dec though - but who is? Filling a two hour drive of pre-race chat is not as difficult as it sounds and with a packed car of five fell runners and kit, banter soon turns to recent race performances and the explanation of the the not so politically correct term 'chicked'. Obviously used by the yoof, I had no idea, a description of the superior prowess of a female athlete compared to your own...